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Agnello Financial Group, Inc.

In 1988, Michael H. Agnello founded Agnello Financial Group and has successfully operated the firm for over 30 years.  As a family-owned firm, we focus on designing investment portfolios to help individuals reach their financial goals.  We specialize in investment advisory, investment monitoring, financial planning, and insurance services for a variety of clients.  Our goal is to establish balanced and diversified portfolios that can provide both long-term growth opportunities and income-generating investments to meet your objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance. 


Understanding Our Clients

Our successful investment management relationships begin with a clear understanding of each client's specific needs, concerns and long-term objectives.  Our interaction with you will reflect our honesty and concern for your interest, not ours, which has created a tradition of long-lasting client relationships.

Building Framework

We gather your investment time horizon, income and liquidity requirements, prior investment experiences, and tolerance for risk through a questionnaire and discussion(s).

Implementing Strategy

Through our Investment Advisory, Investment Monitoring, Financial Planning, or Insurance services, great care is taken to explain the potential risks and returns of various investments.  Asset allocation and diversification are key factors when selecting the individual securities that will make up your portfolio.