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Investment Advisory

In order to obtain ongoing, in-depth advice and life planning, clients choose Agnello Financial Group to manage their assets in all aspects of their financial affairs, including those of their children.  We provide investment advice and active management in your portfolio on a regular basis.  We offer non-discretionary management – you make the ultimate decision regarding the purchase or sale of investments. 


We provide a questionnaire to gather more specifics about your goals and values, current financial situation, and risk tolerance.  We spend time with you reviewing your answers to conduct an accurate analysis.

Initial Implementation

Recommended accounts will be opened and funded with cash or with an account transfer.  An investment proposal will be presented and implemented upon approval. 

Active Management

As goals, objectives, and market conditions change, suggestions are made and implemented by us upon your approval.  Our AFG Web Portal is available for daily portfolio valuation, allocation, and individual investment analysis.  A personal portfolio performance report is generated monthly and uploaded to the AFG Web Portal.

How do I pay for the Investment Advisory service?

How do I pay for the Investment Advisory service?

Fees are negotiable, asset-based, determined by the aggregate of your advisory assets, and deducted quarterly directly from your designated account(s) based on the agreed upon rate. 

For our standard fee schedule, please review our Form CRS.

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